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Phyllis Enscher-Peters~Harpist~

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Do You Need A HARPIST For Any Of The Following:
Guest Soloist, Recitalist, Lecturer, Performer, Wedding, Etc.?

 Ms. Ensher-Peters is an accomplished harpist with more than 40 years of professional experience.  Enhance your upcoming special celebration by procuring the services of this talented individual.  Her brilliant tone and style of playing will bring a whole new dimension to your world of music. 
Whether you are looking to add a romantic appeal to your event, or whether you are in need of something to spice up an evening celebration, why not turn to this harpist?  Want to enhance the sound of the harp through additional instruments?  Ms. Ensher-Peters is available with a flutist, Mrs. Cynthia Miller-August, or a cellist, Miss Noelle Rohrbach (availability varies).
For further information, please continue to browse this website or that of Ms. Ensher-Peter's student Nichole Rohrbach.


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